About copyediting


A copyeditor does a bit more than a proofreader. S(he) not only looks at punctuation and grammar, but also reviews the sentence, paragraph and overall structure. A copyeditor gives spelling suggestions and pays attention to formalities like standardisation of name spelling or terms and verifies the facts and citations.



Main questions in copyediting:





Is the sentence consequential?


Is the style consistent?

Central Theme

Is there a central theme in the article or story?


Is the flow and structure consistent?





What about the wording?


Does the metaphor fit?


Are there verbs or other words that are repetitive?

 Other Details

And some more details which are hard to discover in your own text.

  Get your specialised copyeditor! 


What are the differences between copyediting and proofreading?


Be sure: A good copyeditor is not necessarily a good proofreader. As a copyeditor you will see the whole text from a broader perspective; at the same time you will work on every paragraph if necessary and will correct blunders in orthography. So you read it over and over again until it is nearly a part of you. A consequence of this is that it becomes impossible to see all the misspellings – just like it is for the author .




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